Are you Ready to Start a New Blog?


If you have prepared your mind to start a new blog then I am with you. I will help you accomplish all your goal and help you to make your mindset to overcome some difficulties as a blogger.

So As you decided to blogging first thing which comes in your mind is Domain Name and Niche. This is one of the first thing which will be selected by some research and your own Interest.
For Domain name best practice, you can go read here.

If you know the art of story telling then blogging will be your game Otherwise you should have the good knowledge of your niche. So that you can solve the problems of others.

1. Clear Goals:- 

You should have clear goals be it your life or blogging. Always ask some questions from yourself.
Like Why am I blogging? What I want to accomplish from my blog? 
If You are blogging for money then your Goal should be like
I will make 100$ with my blog withing one month.
If you blog for creating your name in your niche then your goal will be like
I will get 1000 followers in twitter withing one month.

These question is Up to you.

2. Patience:-

Like Goals, Patience is also a part of blogging and life. Blogging is not a quick rich scheme, It is a regular effort to generate a fruitful income. Sometimes you will not get a penny from blogging after one to two years but don't loose your patience Two years is the last time stamp and after that you will be generating the fruitful income or name. It is also up to your niche and your skills. So For niche, Choose it wisely in which you have good knowledge and for skills it is up to you. How much work you done and how much you read or learn. 
So Patience is very necessary in blogging and life success. 

3. Writing Skills :-

Blogging means writing. Blogging is 100% depends on your writing skills. How you transfer your thoughts to your audience is the key for successful blogging. In your first year of blogging you only learn this thing. If you wants to really become a good writer then Follow these 4 week plan.  

4. Something Different:-

If you are providing something valuable then blogging is for you. If you copy pasting something from others then how will you differentiate between him and yourself. Providing something different and valuable is the main thing in blogging.  

5. Planning :-

In blogging, If you learn to plan everthing then this will be a added benefit to you. Because When you first create your blog then there is a lot more task then content creation. Suppose if you create your content on regular basis but don't get it promoted then how does you get the reader. this is the one of the wrost mistake beginner bloggers do with their blogging journey. 

Wrap up :- Blogging mastery is not so easy as you think. It always wants some extra effort and patience. 

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