Five Steps to follow as a newbie blogger


1. First Write 50 Long form Content in which At least 10 article should be high quality and Unique. If you done with that then Stop and Distribute your focus 50% on Marketing and promotion of your blog and other on Content Writing.

2. Try to write a post Daily(If you can) but don't focus too much on content writing while it is your beginning you should first create your audience.

3. In blogging, First thing is your audience. Do you ever thought how could you create that audience. One of the best part of creating your audience is Influencers Connection. Request the influencer to Share your content to their Existing audience, Do good SEO and last is Promote your content with Advertising.

4. Do you know there are 180 million blog online in Internet. So how do you get yourself make stand out from them. What you give your audience which will help your blog to Stand out. If you wants to stand out then Give your audience something different and Be more specific with your blog.

5. Don't Forget to follow personal Branding tips For your Blog.

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