How to track traffic coming from 301 redirects in Google Analytics

In every digital Marketing campaign report analysis is very necessary. These reports are directly depends on different KPIs. For measure the success of your online marketing campaign, you should have the sound knowledge of Google Analytics.

Now I am here describing How to track traffic coming from 301 redirects in Google Analytics. If you are a webmaster or Digital Marketer then you always play with redirects. But It is very hard to differentiate the traffic coming from it.

Do you ever seen a url like this

In this Url there is world "UTM". Which Means Urchin Tracking Module and the line ahead of ? is known as UTM Parameters.

You can Add this by a app provide by google which is Google URL Builder.

While creating your custom campaign url Always add Campaign Source, Campaign Medium and Campaign Term.
Now Create your URL in which provide your source like Where you add redirect and add your medium as redirect and campaign term name it.

Then Add that URl to the htaccess of your first website. where you implement previous redirect

For more I Made a video Which is Below.

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