Simple Method to track Google Analytics Events with Wordpress


Google Analytics is a free tool to analyze different types of data and making traffic reports of website and Application. We can track many things in analytics by adding tracking code in a website. But if you like to track external link click, download count or button link click then It will be done by a javascript snippet which are known as events.

Events tracking can be done by adding a simple code snippet which looks it.

onclick = "ga('send', 'event', 'Phone Call', 'Click to Call', '9718708606');" Where we send the event to Google Analytics(ga) the category of event is Phone call and action is click to call the value of event is the mobile no.

In wordpress event tracking so easy as some plugins have already events tracking enabled like Mobile call now and map buttons. 

For another kind of event tracking in wordpress simply install a analytics wordpress plugin by monster insights and there is a option of events in setting and make it On. Now see your analytics under reports>>behaviour>>events and you will get all information as first dimension.

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