These Practice Will Give You the Best of Analytics Event Tracking


Google Analytics is a Free powerful tool to analyse the User Behavior, Bounce Rate and Session You can Do anything with a simple java-script code.

But When It comes to advance analytics then Event tracking is the best way to see the User behavior on a website or a web app. So I am listing some best practice to use when tracking with events.

Google Events tracking is consist of these five part :-
1. Event Category - This will be the name of the object like video, Button, Form
2. Event Action - This will be the interaction with the object. In the case of video it will be play or pause for button, it will be click, for form it will be submit.
3.Event Labels - Event labels are useful to distinguish the data in Google Analytics.
4. Value - Value will be a numeric one like a video load in 3 seconds. so 3 is the value.
5. Non Interaction - By default it is Off because a event interaction is not count in bounce rate. you can use it if you wants to count your event as bounce rate.

Those above things are depends on your campaign and naming convention. You can use any name but remember there should be a good and Proper hierarchic naming convention. Otherwise you will be confused in Analytics.


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