What is Bounce rate, Session and events in Google Analytics?


Sometimes Learning a Glossary is very necessary. Suppose you have a good knowledge of Google Analytics and don't know about These basic term then You can't prove your skills in front of others. That's why I come here to help you with these basic terms. Let's look on it.

What is Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a Metric to measure the user bounce on a particular website. So What is User Bounce, " A user Bounce is a Term when a user come to your website and interact with only a single page that is known as a bounce."

Bounce rate has good effect in SEO So try to make your bounce rate as minimal as possible.

For Single page website Bounce rate is always high as User don't have any other page to go.

What is a Session

Session are interaction with your website like Reading Scrolling and etc. A single user can open multiple session in Same day which depends on some criteria. Sessions are ended by two methods.
  • Time Based Expiration
  1. After 30 minutes of inactivity ( you can change the time frame)
  2. At Midnight(At 00:00 new session will start)
  • Campaign Change
  1. An user arrive from a different campaign without closing his first arrival to website will be automatically closed and the second session will be count and added to reports. 

What is Events

In Google Analytics, Events are like When a user interact with your website content(click on a link, Play a Video) and Can Be track able are events. 

Note:- Events will impact the bounce rate of a website because Events click are interaction with a website(not a bounce). You can also change it. 

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