Blogging Basics, If You Are Not a Professional Writer.


Blogging is one of the old Marketing channel and Now Successful one. There are so many bloggers Who write for hobby and there are some with good respect and branded blog.

 Blogs like Shoutmeloud is become an authority in the digital marketing niche. Harsh Agarwal is a name everyone knows. This is happened because of blogging.

When someone thinks about to start a blog His main motto is money making. But now blogging is more then money making. It will increase your productivity, Expose you to the untouched world, make you influencer and Helps you to develop your interpersonal skills.

In the below article I will show you how to dominate blogging by following these blogging basics.

1. Works on Headlines:- 

Headlines Makes great impact on SEO as well as CRO. When you share something on social media then the exposed part is your title tag which I called here headlines. 

If your Headline is not good so your traffic will suffer. You can use Headline analyzer for better healine creation.

2. Does Crammer matter :-

Grammer matters but Not in such a way, You think. 

If you start to write a piece of content if it works without grammer then there is no need of worry. But IT is crucial that your blog post should be grammatically perfect. 

3. Tell Story :-

Tell Story not write content. Story Telling is god Grace but You can also perfect it by practicing and learning. Try to write something that can mentally associate a user with Him. Always write your article Starting with Dear AMit(Name) and write your article after that You can delete it. 

4. Practice :-

Daily Write a Blog post and Read a Blog post(At Least). It is one of the best method to increase your skills in blogging. If you do it on daily basis then you will get best of it.

5. Add Report in your blog :-

Users like the blog post which have statics and reports associate with it. 

Wrap up :-

If you follow the above practice then you will get the best of Blogging.

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