How to Integrate MailChimp with BlogSpot

MailChimp is the very popular and free E-mail marketing automation tool. This tool is very popular among hobby blogger Because the ease of access and Minimal UI is good to work.

You can do lots of work with MailChimp like Email Landing page creation, Online form Building, Email Subscriber List creation etc. Today I show you how to create and integrate MailChimp Subscriber Form in Blogspot to Make your subscriber list.

Benefits of Email List 


In Digital Marketing, There is a proverb that How vast your subscriber list so your influence. 
Email list helps you to get more traffic and Sales. But It is not bound just with it. There are lots of Benefits in email list creation. We will talk about it in another Article.

Lets come to the Point 

As the topic of my blog is integration of mailchimp then From here I will help you to get it done easily. For integrating mailchimp first go to their website >>>> 

Then Signup and provide the details.
After signup You will get below type of page in mailchimp website.

This is the dashboard of mailchimp which shows you how many subscriber you get but it will show it after integration.

In this page you can see a grey CTA, Create Campaign, Just click it and it will open a pop-up.

In the above popup you can see a search bar. Search there for "Form".

This Search query will open Five blocks.

In the above image click on the first tab Which is "collect subscribers with a pop-up form" and then customize the form as per your requirement.

After that click on view code and copy the code. then publish your form in mailchimp.

Now Mailchimp part is completed and lets come to the blogspot part.

In the blogspot, Open the dashboard and click on layout menu. In the layout menu click on "add a widget" under sidebar. In the screen click on add html/JavaScript and click on add. Now click on the selected widget and add the mailchimp code which you previously copied.

After all the work save the dashboard. Now you can see, your subscriber form is working.

Note:- If a user subscribed your form then the form will never again shows to him.(you can also changed it in settings)


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