Google Ads Advertisement policy

Wants to increase you Roi and Decrease the CPC then the quality score is a good factor but what happens If your advertisement will not run. huh!!!
There are many factors behind the restriction of your ads in AdWords but one of the most crucial is not following the standard advertisement policy. 
Do you Ever read the policies???
If not, then read it today otherwise google will strike on your ad.
There are four types of content, practice and technical areas. Which google use to address its policy.
1. Prohibited content:- Which google can't allow you the advertisement.
2. Prohibited practices:- Things justify by Google to not to do.
3. Restricted Content:- you can run an ad but follow the limitation.
4. Editorial & Technical:- Quality standard followed by your ad, website or app.

Now, lets we take about those above topics one by one. so you will get the broad knowledge of every subject mentioned.
1. Prohibited Content:- What is Prohibited content, in the eyes of google? So the below I answered your question--

Counterfeit goods Advertisement which has the logo or trademark violation and you are doing an advertisement of other's product without its owner's consent. If you do it then Google says " why are you selling the statue of Americaa?do you have trump's consent!"

Dangerous product or service No one wants to harm himself so google will not allow the advertisers to ad product or service which are dangerous in any manner. Who knows if you sell nuclear bomb!!!

Enabling dishonest behavior It means that if you promote a material which spread the dishonesty like hacking software, spam website traffic increase, fake documents and academic cheating service, paper leak etc. 

Inappropriate content Google will not support bad content to promote. inappropriate content include abusive language, hate speech, bullying, racial discrimination, offensive images, accident images, communal disharmony, cruelty to animals, murder, suicide, self-harm etc. 

2. Prohibited practice :- Don't use these practice otherwise your ad will not live.

Abusing the ad network Don't play with google network. Your ad should be useful and not tricky. If your ad trying to trick the ad review process of google then you ad will be stopped .
Example:- Promotion content that have malware or adware. Ad created solely to redirect a user to another website. 

Check this to Know about What happen when you don't follow the adword guidelines.

Date Collection and Use Every information you collect from a user using advertisement should handle with care and not used in an improper way. these kind of information is the privacy of a user. you should not take information which is not acceptable like username and password of net-banking, social media credentials. 
If you are taking information from a user like a name, contact no. , address then it is your sole responsibility that it should be securely stored. 

Misrepresentation   Be honest and don't mislead the audience using your advertisement. don't try to fool the people by claiming false details. the example of misrepresentation are collecting donations under false pretenses, unrealistic claiming like weight loss and financial gain. 

3. Restricted content :- Content bind by local and legal policies, Restricted content is used with proper guidelines. promote this kind of content with a limited basis. below are the types which you should follow the adhere the guidelines. 

Adult content Ads should follow the legal aspect about adult content. which is different in every region. Somekind of Adult content will be allowed but with a proper review. Adult content specially for minors is restricted and will not be allowed in any manner. Promotion of adult games, sex toys, sexual enhancement product, models in sexual poses are prohibited. 

Alcohol Alcohol is also legally bind by region and country. In some countries like india, you can't promote alcohol related beverages directly instead you can promote them in other way.
Copyrights If you don't have the proper consent of copyright holder to use his/her material in your ad then the action will be taken as per the local governing law against copyright. for the use of copyright material in the ad you should provide us the certification (

Gambling and Games Reasonable gambling advertisement are allowed but these also bind by the local laws and authority. so please read and understand the local law related to the gambling and games for the promotion. if you wants to promote legal gambling then you should have a google ads certified expert. 

Healthcare and Medicines healthcare and medicine promotion will also follow the law. you can promote some medicine but drug promotion is also restricted. You can check your regional legal advice for this. 

Political Content Political content is also abid by national law. It also includes the political silence policies for a few days before the election. 

Financial Services Google always trying to give adequate information to the users weather it's a financial product or anything your are promoting through google ads. 
Financial products promotion are also different from country to country. Like in some countries, crypto currency trading is ban so you can't promote bitcoins there. but in some countries, you can promote the cryptocurrencies.
so please read the guidelines of the country where are you targeting your ads.

Trademarks You can use a trademark in google ads till if trademark owner fill the complaint against it. 

Legal Requirements It is advisable you will follow the all laws and regulations along with google policies to ensure the privacy and security of your ads and to give a better and elevated value to the user.

Other Restricted Business If you are running a business which is sort of abusive to the people then anytime we can abandoned the promotion. 
If certain protection authorities find the irregularity then you can't promote your business using google advertisement suite. 

4. Editorial and technical requirement
Your ads should not be difficult to understand to read and navigate thus google developed some editorials as well as technical guidelines to follow :-

Editorial Every ads, extension, sitelink and content should be highly professional, easy to digest that lead the users to useful, relevant and better path. 
The kind of content which is not allowed
  • Don't use overly generic content like "buy products here", "Buy Service here"
  • Don't use gimmicks words and phrases like G.A.R.M.E.N.E.T.S., fReE, F₹€€!! Etc
Destination Requirements If you are promoting "kids wear" then your website should also have content related to kids wear. It means if a user arrive on your landing page then your landing page will be useful, functional and easy to navigate. 
Examples then don't meet the standards are:-
  • URL redirection, Where are URL click on a ads showing "" and arrive on "".
  • Under construction site, sites without content, parked domains or Sites with technical errors.
  • Sites then are not view-able or unable to understand in common used browser.
  • If you disable the back button in the functionality of the website
Technical Requirements

You should follow all technical requirements stated by google using below link (

Ad Format Requirements if you wants to acheive your goals then you should follow ad format specific guidelines also. These guidelines are made to give you the best of adwords.
Ad format guidelines are as follow :- character limits for the ad headline or body, image size requirements, file size limits, video length limits, aspect ratios

So Above guidelines are meant to be followed if you don't follow the above guideline then the penalties applies by google will be several. 
But Here is a point that you should follow these guidelines as well as your local governing law.


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