New Updates to knew in Digital Marketing Sphere

  • After the success of news story, Facebook launches the new story experience by adding snapchat type map feature and stickers. This update will increase the in story experience.

  • After the too many complaints of child bullying, Facebook  launches a new tools to stop the bullying and harassment online. Which eventually increase user safety and security. 

  • New updates of Facebook will allow to interact in a group as a user or as a business page. Facebook take this step after decreasing of organic reach of business page. 

  • Now Facebook is more focusing on video content and publisher is also more interested to create video content as well as readers are spending more time on video content instead of news feed.

  • Facebook introduced two more option for video ads buying. It will helps both publishers and businesses. First is 'in stream reserve' it will enable business to place ads in most engaging, highest quality publishers. Second is 'thru play' in this ads charges will deducted after full video ads view or after 15 second of ads. 

  • Facebook is testing a new image size option for link preview images. The size will be square in aspect ration because square image is more effective in compact devices and mobiles

  • Facebook showcase a new dashboard to effectively manage and analyse a advertising campaign. This tool aim to give the publisher or business more in-depth view of their campaign. 

  • Facebook is now taking low quality ads seriously and introduced new restrictions. The aim of this update is to stop the user feed with low quality ad because it create a bad experience.

  • Facebook will provide new taxonomy for branded content ads and strategic tie ups. Now you will see branded content tie-ups and ads tagged as "paid partnership".

  • New targeting option of app marketed on Facebook ad platform. Now app marketer can show their ads to the user who previously downloaded their app. This update aim to increase the awareness of application because after downloading 10-12% users only active on the app. 

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