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Entprenor.com is not a just a blog It is more than that. This blog is movement to give the real knowledge of virtual world. 
This place is best suited for blogger, Entrepreneur, Social media expert, freelancers, Nomads and Other persons who keen interest in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

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A Bit about myself and My journey !!!

My name is Dhananjay Kaushik, in virtual world my alias is “Kaushik Djay”, You can connect me with any social media just by typing my alias in URL. 


Wherever you search, You can get my profile and I am trying to be active on all platform(sometimes). 

Now I will Introduced myself by not taking your much important time. 
I have done study of Electronics engineering, Polytechnic. While in college in 2013 I get to know about Blogger and Wordpress. 

I have attended a workshop on weebly and learn to make website on weebly. But because of unknowingness I didn’t start any blog or website.

When  I completed my polytechnic from a Government College. I was selected for the interview in HCL Systems. That time my age was 17 so I am not selected there. 

After that I have lots of free time at home so that I started to learn about Digital marketing in mobile phone and create a blog about animals on blogger. 

That blog started to get the traffic and I got a deal to sell it again unknowingly I sell that blog for only 10000 rupees. 

After that I interviewed in a Digital Marketing Company and get the job as a Digital Marketing Executive. 

 From There, My digital journey has begun. I created lots of website and blogs. Works on social media.  But till now I didn’t work consistently. 

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